Gig-Review Objekt 5 in Halle

  • 29. Oktober 2014

Lotzz of Thankzz everybody for coming to our incredible-sold-out-launch-show in object5 back in october 24th!
Danke an alle, für kommen zu unseres Schau im Objekt 5 am 24. November.

We are stolz und riesenfroh making this sweattreibing two Hour Boggiebanging, lightflashing, azzkickin Rocknroll-Rodeo, in sweet home Halle, front of friendzz and Fanzz like You!!!! We all enjoy the Eve, wir alle hatten viele Spaß zusammen, und hope to zzee you zzoon. Watch out for next steps of your Sharp dressed Combo, stay stonecool and open for La Futura!!!

Perry, Mike and Danny from Ombrezz

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